Company History
Zellwerk GmbH was founded 1997 as a spin off from HiPer Ceramics GmbH, a company producing parts made from advanced ceramics. The initial focus was to evaluate biotechnological applications of advanced ceramic materials and develop corresponding products. Our proprietary Sponceram® cell carriers were the first outcome of these early activities setting standards for cultivation of adherent mammalian cells.
Old Zellwerk building
Subsequently, the rotating bed bioreactor design was found, marking a milestone in our product development program. Today, Z® RP Technology bioreactors represent the most advanced cultivation technology commercially available for adherent cell types and tissue engineering purposes.

Top-level cell cultivation implies highest standards with respect to sterility and appropriate cell handling. With its newest product, the Z® RP cell and tissue culturing system, Zellwerk took account of these demands. Z® RP Technology including the Z® RP GMP Breeder makes cell cultivation and tissue engineering simpler and safer.
Zellwerk's new production and research facility was completed in 2004. Itīs production and laboratory domains, especially the cleanroom areas with their novel containments enable ma-nufacturing under cGMP-, cGCP- and cGTP-standards as well as guarantee economic production conditions.
Zellwerk production facilities and laboratories
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