About the Enterprise Zellwerk GmbH
Serving the life science industry since 1997, Zellwerk developed several cutting edge technologies for adherent cell culture, biopharmaceutical processing and tissue engineering. Based on our comprehensive material and process engineering expertise we launched innovative products like Sponceram® cell carriers and implant blanks as well as our rotating bed bioreactors (Z® RP Technology).
Zellwerk production and laboratory facility
Our mission focuses on creative solutions for unmet needs in regenerative medicine and biopharmaceutical processing. Services and products from Zellwerk always combine economical and technological benefits to help our customers endure future challenges due to rising problems and cost barriers in worldwide health systems.
Cleanroom area in the new Zellwerk facility with Z® RP Bioreactor with GMP Breeder
Zellwerk´s new production and research facilities comprise modern laboratories, two cleanroom production suites and customer training areas. Our services and products are addressed to business partners with interest in the biopharmaceutical and tissue engineering field. Our customers profit from our comprehensive experience with cell-derived technologies no matter if our bioreactors and cell carriers are purchased or cell and glycoprotein contract manufacturing services are requested.
We see our particular competencies in:
  • Efficient production of recombinant glycoproteins and cell derived formulations for research applications.
  • Production of biological API´s and cell therapy products in compliance with cGMP-, cGCP- and cGTP-Standards.
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