Competence in Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering
Zellwerk GmbH is the right partner if you...
  • want to produce recombinant glycoproteins according to cGMP standards or non-GMP
  • look for efficient processes to produce biopharmaceuticals
  • seek naturally glycosylated proteins
  • intend to proliferate and harvest primary cells and stem cells for cell therapy
  • need to achieve tissue-like growth of cells on implant scaffolds

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Learn about our innovative bioreactors, cell carrier, tissue engineering platforms and scaffolds. Have a look at our range of services and use the advantages of our system for cultivation of adherent cell lines and primary cells. Cultures grow at high densities and form tissue-like structures. Cells behave similar to natural tissues in terms of division, morphology, differentiaton and metabolism, thus differing significantly from fermentor or bottle cultures.
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Last Change: 25.05.2018