Production of Glycoproteins*
Zellwerk provides services for cultivation and recovery of glycoprotein products from adherent mammalian expression systems. State-of-art recovery, purification and analytical techniques are applied to design and optimize product yields. Development of production cell lines completes Zellwerk´s full integrated approach to keep your projects within budget limits and time lines.
Cleanroom area in the Zellwerk building with Z® RP Bioreactor and Z® RP GMP Breeder
With our diverse experience in cultivation of adherent production cells in rotating bed bioreactors (e. g. CHO-, CHODHFR-, HEK-, BHK-production cell lines) we are able to produce even biologicals with sophisticated post-processing needs. Our competences regarding expression vector design, cell transfection, clone selection, media adaptation as well as innovative approaches to glycoprotein purification represent a profound basis for solving even ambitious customer projects.

In Zellwerk´s two separate production suites with cleanroom class B containments your project is handled by dedicated staff. A skilled quality control team ensures raw material and product quality throughout every task.





* This project (no. 80121347) was supported by Land Brandenburg and EU.

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