Stem Cell Cultivation and Isolation
Zellwerk offers comprehensive cultivation and isolation services regarding adult and embryonic stem cells. Either starting from our customers cell line or stem cell containing tissue material we select, expand, extract, differentiate, characterize and formulate cells of interest.
Based on our Z® RP Technology which proved to be perfectly suited for stem cell cultivation we develop customized media and supplements for expansion and differentiation purposes, respectively. On your demand our contract research service comprises also generation of validatable protocols according cGCP- and cGTP-standards for clinical applications. For a later routinely clinical use of your stem cell formulation our Z® RP Technology consisting of Z® RP GMP Breeder, Z® RP Bioreactor and Z® RP control unit offers the ideal working environment.
Microscopic captures of adult stem cells from umbilical cord, adhered and temporary expanded on Sponceram®- Matrix, Giemsa staining.
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