ATMP for future medicine

Zellwerk produces cells as ATMP for therapeutic use in man

Until today it seems that there exist limitations to procure patients with immune cells and stem cells having identified as potent for treating cancer and many other diseases lacking effective treatment options. As main obstacles we identified that the commonly used production processes are improper for manufacturing these cells in needed quantities and functionality. In addition, the actual administrative hurdles do not convene with the risk for the affected patients, the requirements of personalized medicine are neglected. When available at all, it makes living cell therapeutics expensive.

At Zellwerk we have solved much of the mentioned difficulties: We produce the mostly in therapies used cells in mass amounts, in standardized and reproducible processes, in cost/effective manner and, most important, our cells are certified by the regional and national authorities for application in man. Zellwerk´s cell therapeutics are delivered as ATMPs, normally as stabilized suspension for infusion.

ATMP for future medicine

Cultivation of human cells in high yields and proved functionality

Zellwerk´s ZRP platform and the belonging perfusion bioreactors have proven as a potent and reliable instrumentation for ex vivo expansion of all human blood and tissue derived cells we tested. For manufacturing needed amounts of nonadherent or adherent growing cells suited single use perfusion bioreactor types are available. Cultivation in perfusion modus turned out profitably related to yields, functionality, consumption of medium, compared to cultivation under static conditions or in turbulent medium flow. Cells listed here can be produced in wanted amounts and qualities by customer order.

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